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Organizing Your Space

Let's face it, we New Yorkers have to share space from the moment we lock our doors in the morning until we return home at night.

Why not let us help you make your home the best possible space imaginable. We can help you convert your home into a tranquil, peaceful, organized retreat where you can unwind at the end of your busy day.

Closet/ Storage Space & Installation:

It doesn’t matter if you're living in a 300 sq. apartment or a 3000 sq. apartment – you still will not have the space that you would love to have. We have a vision of your space and how to maximize the space. We measure your space and work together to determine your needs.

New Service: Boutique Shopping in Your Closet

Boutique Shopping in Your Closet - was designed after working in high- end retail sales for over 15 years I know first hand how hard it is to look pulled together for every occasion. We wear 20% of what we own. Working with highly trained stylists we are able to combine the best use of your wardrobe and your closet space to maximize your wardrobe and your closet!

Contact us to find out more details. 

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Boutique Shopping in Your Closet-We know you have some treasures in your closet. Let us show you how to combine your existing pieces while updating your wardrobe. We incorporate style and organizing that makes it fun to get dressed and conquer your day. We have the solution for you!